Terms an conditions of sales Valmeinier Reservation

Terms and conditions of sale
Reservation and deposit
The reservation is confirmed when the tenant sends back the signed rental contract and the amount of the deposit (25 % of the amount of the total rental) within one week after the date of the reservation request. After this date, no availability is guaranteed. The balance of the rental charge must be paid at the latest 30 days before the start of the stay. If the tenant postpones his arrival, he must give SEMVAL prior notification and send the balance of the rental before the date upon which the rental was initially to start. If the payment has not been received on this date, SEMVAL reserves the right to re-let the apartment. If the booking is done between 30 days and day of arrival, the total amount of the stay will be required.
In addition to the availability of the apartment for the duration and period, the indicated prices include taxes, individual electric heating, cold and hot water, electricity, and the visitor's tax (0.88€, 1.10€, 1.75€, 2.20€ per night per person (more than 18 years old depending on the type of residence.)
Prices do not include cleaning at the end of the stay or the supply of sheets and household linen (their rental is possible on site), Cancellation Insurance. It is strictly prohibited to use the beds without sheets and pillowcases.
Guarantee deposit
Upon arrival at the location of the rental, the tenant will be asked to pay a guarantee deposit of 300 euros for apartments and 800 euros for apartments in Residence 'le Belvédère'
An inventory of fixtures and an inventory will be given to the tenant along with the keys. They must be returned to the Reservation Center within 24 hours after arrival. After this deadline they will be considered to be accurate. This certificate will then be compared with the certificate of the next tenant, and if the two certificates are identical the guarantee deposit will be returned within 8 days after departure.
Any breakage or deterioration will be subtracted from this deposit, along with cleaning charges if the apartment was not left in proper condition. If the guarantee deposit proves to be insufficient, the tenant agrees to pay the difference.
The lessor will supply the dwelling in conformity with its description and will maintain it in good working condition.
The furnishings include a kitchenette equipped with hot plates, an electric oven, a sink, a refrigerator, dishes and pots and pans.
The dwelling presently rented may under no circumstances be occupied by more people than the number indicated in the apartment description. For each additional person older than one year, SEMVAL may refuse the rental or may request that the tenant pay the amount of rent corresponding to a higher capacity.
Beds sometimes include bunk beds, whose upper bed is not suitable for children under 6 (decree n° 95.949).
Pets are not accepted unless this is expressly stipulated in the contract. Please inform of the possible presence of a pet before paying a deposit.
The tenant will occupy the rental dwelling in a peaceful fashion and will use it in compliance with its purpose. If the rental is located in an apartment building, as the occupant of the dwelling, the tenant will comply with the internal by-laws of the building. Upon departure, the tenant hereby agrees to leave the dwelling as clean as he found it upon arrival. The rental can under no circumstances benefit third parties, unless prior authorization has been received from SEMVAL.
Since this apartment will normally have been rented to a new tenant immediately after the expiry of this contract, it is imperative that it be freed at the date and time agreed upon in the contract in order to allow the next tenant to enter into occupancy.
Valmeinier Réservation must be informed of all arrivals outside of business hours:
WINTER SEASON: Monday-Friday 8:30 am -12:30 and 14:00 pm - 17:30, Saturday 8:00 am to 12:30 and 15:30 pm to 19:00 pm; Sunday 8:30 am-12:00  and 14:00-17:30 pm.
OUT OF SEASON: Monday-Friday 8:30 am -12:30 and 13:30-17:30 pm.
Interrupted stay: early departures will not lead to any modification of the amount of rent previously agreed upon.
Civil liability
It is hereby stipulated that the belongings, baggage, moveable effects, valuables, vehicles, etc. of the tenants are not guaranteed against fire, theft, loss or deterioration, whatever the cause. The parties hereby agree that the lessor will never be held liable for these events and that the tenant is responsible for taking out all the insurance coverage he deems necessary to guarantee his personal property.
Remote purchase
By purchasing remotely and paying on the internet no withdrawal period should be applied on the accommodation. Likewise, no withdrawal period should be applied on ski passes (bought as a package accommodation + ski passes.)
Discount on ski passes and gear rental are available on the website when you book the apartment, and till 10 days before the beginning of the stay.
Cancellation conditions:
All cancellations must be notified to SEMVAL by registered letter, or E-mail, and the date upon which this notification is received determines the cancellation date.

1/ Cancellation conditions without 'holiday cancellation insurance':
If the cancellation occurs 30 to 23 days before the date of the start of the rental, 25% of the total amount of rental will be retained (complementary services included)
From 22 to 15 days before the date of the start of the rental, 50% of the total amount of rental will be retained (complementary services included)
From 14 to 7days before the date of the start of the rental, 75% of the total amount of rental will be retained (complementary services included)
and within less than 7 days, or if the tenant fails to arrive, 100% of the total amount of rental will be retained (complementary services included)
Every modification of the stay (date, apartment) will be considered as a cancellation of the initial order and in consequence cancellation fees will be up to 50 euros + cancellation conditions developed on the former paragraph.
In the case in which SEMVAL would be forced to cancel or modify the stay, SEMVAL will always send you a written proposal to which you will have to give a written answer within 24 hours. In case of acceptance, a new contract will be sent without fees.
Without any answer from you within 24 hours SEMVAL will consider that the proposal is accepted.
In the case in which no agreement is found, article 101 from edict n° 94-490 from the 1994,  the 15th of June will be applied.
2/ Cancellation conditions with 'holiday cancellation insurance'

The guest must check if he’s not yet covered by a personal insurance (Credit Card), he has 14 days to retract and delete the insurance if he founds out that he is covered (unless an accident occurs during these 14 days)

Valmeinier Reservation offers for every booking an optional cancellation insurance for your holiday.  The amount is 3 % of the amount of accomodation (with a minimum of 10€ of insurance premium.) This insurance allows the full reimbursement of the accommodation cost paid, as long as cancellation reason is included in the list of guarantees defined in the insurance policy (see conditions below).
The insured person is the guest of the stay, his or her wife or concubine, their relatives in the ascending or descending lines, sons in law, daughters in law, brothers, sisters or persons mentioned or designated.
Refund of amounts paid for the TOTAL price of the stay after deducting the insurance premium, which the Insured should pay in the event of cancellation as a result of the following events:
1-­ Insured serious disease (including a positive diagnosis for COVID-19 before the date of departure), serious injury or death. Serious disease or injury is to be understood as any alteration of the health or any physical wound preventing the Insured from leaving the home or hospital where the Insured is being treated on the date of departure as proven by a work leave certificate or doctors certificate indicating the above-mentioned prevention or preventing the practice of the main activity of the stay. Relapses or previous sicknesses or injuries are covered provided the sickness or accident did not arise in the MONTH preceding the reservation date.
Regarding Sickness/Accident events involving the Cancellation coverage, the Insured shall give access to his medical records to the  doctor council of the insurance company, failing which no guarantee will be effective.
2- Fire, explosion, theft, water damage or natural event resulting in significant damages at the Insured home and occurring prior to his departure or during the stay and requiring his presence on the site of the event or at his second home or company.
3- Prevention from taking possession of the rented property as a result of the dismissal or transfer of the Insured, provided the date of the event is after the reservation date
EXCLUSION: Dismissal for serious misconduct.
4- Prevention from reaching the resort by road, railroad, plane on the date of the beginning of the stay and within the following 48 hours: as a result of roadblocks, strikes, floods or natural events preventing traffic, certified by the relevant authority, Insured car accident, theft or attempted theft of the Insured vehicle within one month before the stay beginning date.
5- Prevention from reaching the resort in case of pollution, forest fire, natural disaster, epidemic plague.
6- As a result of changes in the Insured holiday dates by the Insured employer.
7- As a result of a notice for medical exam, administrative calling-up.
8- Death, severe illness or accident of the person in charge of the job replacement or in charge of the child under 18 or disabled.
The refund of the stay price shall be calculated in proportion of the time unused as a result of the interruption, resulting from any of the events listed in the Cancellation coverage - & 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.
It is agreed that the coverage shall not be effective in any of the situations specified below :
Sickness or accident that the Insured is aware of upon reserving, resulting in treatment during the month before the rental reservation date.
Pregnancy except for any complications due to that condition, miscarriage, birth and consequences, within one month before the effective reservation date.
For thermal treatment, need for aesthetic treatment (except as a result of an accident or sickness), psychiatric or psychotherapy treatment, including nervous breakdown.
Sickness or accident due to alcoholism, drunkenness, use of non medically prescribed medicines, drugs, narcotics.
Accident caused by the practice of sport: flying, bobsleigh, skeleton, mountain climbing, ice hockey, car sports, scuba-diving.
Exclusions related to COVID-19: a / absence of hazard: "I no longer want to leave, I have changed my mind / or I am afraid to leave". b / Cancellation without medical proof issued by a doctor "I am case-contact, I am not sick". c / Any mass risk (quarantine at destination, confinement, closure of borders, state of health emergency.) d / The ban on travel to a country formally advised against by the government of his country of destination / or the country of origin. e / Cancellation by the trip organizer. f / Pandemics declared by WHO)

For any cancellation of stay, change of apartment, capacity or modification of dates of stay, a cancellation fee of € 50 will be retained.

Contract communication:
Contract is available entirely to  the policy subscriber, SEMVAL.
Any signature of a contract implies the acceptance of these terms and conditions of sale in their entirety.