In the event of cancellation of your holiday before the arrival, don't take any more risks...

With Chapka Assurances, we suggest you to protect your health when you suscribe a cancellation insurance Tranquiloc. With this insurance, you can book safely. It will take effect when you book your stay. The price will be of 4% of the total amount of your accommodation (minimum 10€ per contract.)
It guarantees you a full* refund on presentation of adequate evidence.

* insurance premium excluded, application fees excluded, tourist tax excluded (maximun refund 8000€ per contract in case of a cancellation)

Cancellation Guarantees

  • Illness, positive to Covid-19, accident, death. 
    Exclusions :
  1. Lack of hazard: "I don't want to travel, I changed my mind, I fear travelling"
  2. Cancellation without any medical proof. "I'm in contact but I'm not ill.
  3. Mass risks (quarantine, lockdown, border closure, national health emergency.)
  4. Travel ban in an inadvisable country.
  5. Cancellation due to the transport company or the tour operator.
  6. WHO declared pandemics
  • Cancellation or modification of the paid leave, permanent contract obtaining
  • Dismissal
  • Identification document theft
  • Impossibility to access the site (material damages > 50% at home, car breakdown before leaving, re-sit exam)
  • Lack of snow
  • Natural catastrophe / pollution of the site.
Interruption of the stay : Refund in case of early return or repatriation (max 6500€)

Covered persons : You, your family and all persons included in the booking.

The guest must check if he’s not yet covered by a personal insurance (Credit Card), he has 14 days to retract and delete the insurance if he founds out that he is covered (unless an accident occurs during these 14 days)